Tuesday, March 16, 2010

something a little different | Minneapolis Children's Photography

Here's a little something I did for a couple of my friends kids 2nd grade class. They are going to auction it off at a fundraiser - how fun is that?

This was something very different than I am used to -- I used a "green screen" and lights to take photos of the kids in groups of 1-3. Then cropped them out and PhotoShop-ed it all together. It was a "learning" project and I know I can do better next time (if there is one), but I think the result is very cute. PLUS the kids had a blast taking pictures and what a great memory piece of their 2nd grade year.

Minneapolis Children's Photography

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Robin said...

this turned out AWESOME-ly Paula!!! You'll have to give me your green screen tips. I found a tutorial but just haven't had time to try it yet...it would be interesting to see if it's the same way you did it. SUPER job - you nailed it!