Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mini session with Spence

he's already 9 months old!

boy, he thought he was so cool sitting in this chair  :)
and at this point he wasn't too happy, but it's still a cute little tushie

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ralph's World

We went to the Ralph's World Concert on Saturday. 

Here are the kids from LAST years concert.

Ralph puts on a great show for the kids and I (I mean the kids) really love seeing him LIVE! As we were walking to the Cedar Center we turned the corner... and there in the flesh was RALPH, just walking around. He is such a genuine guy -- he stopped high fived the kids and really took time to talk to them. He kept commenting on Briar's shirt (it said "ROCK" on it) and kept asking her if she was ready to ROCK! They just couldn't have been more star struck and excited!

Here they are THIS year!

Then before the show he took time again to just talk and hang out, sign cd's and his books.

Nikolai really is into guitar players, this bass player was great too!

I love this picture of Erik..... what a HAM!

After we had dinner at Bar Aboline -- in uptown (LOVE their guac and kids eat free)
Then to top it off... we had this beautiful sunset to look as we drove into Victoria. The sun was HUGE.

It was just an awesome day! 

Lately I have been feeling like I wish I could just stop time... the kids are growing SO FAST (my BABY is turning THREE this Friday), they are all at great ages (though every age has been great) and I feel like time is passing us by and we don't STOP to enjoy them (and each other) as much as we should. Life is so busy; work, school, worrying about bills, sports, activities, cooking, cleaning, paper work, running, running and more running... the list goes on and on. I just need to stop and enjoy them, not snap at them like I do too often. I need to cherish and remember the things that they love and the looks on their faces when we do something special like this concert, because they will remember -- that day just couldn't have gotten any better to them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Evan - 3 months old

I had a mini session with this cute little guy last week -- we captured a ton of great shots.

Thanks for coming, so nice to meet you.

Maternity Session with "J and Baby O"

I seriously had so much fun with this "hot little mama." She brought a friend with for her photo session and we laughed and talked and laughed some more -- like we had known each other for years (we just met that day!)

Thanks for the fun girl time ladies!  Can't wait to meet the new little one, and capture he/she's first days of life. See you soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

a senior session

I had such a great time with the senior. She is a great girl, with so much going for her.
We did an indoor studio shoot one day.

Then headed outdoors another day -- straight hair for one, curly for the next (;

Thanks Mecedez, I wish you well this year.

my SWEET family

us CRAZY Charchenkos
We had some family photos done last month by the AMAZING Robin (photos by Robin).
She has taken our family photos for the past 2-1/2 years -- I LOVE her work! And she is a WONDERFUL person to boot ;)
She has been so supportive and helpful to me (and Christina) while I have started this little photography journey. 
Nikolai 7 years old - isn't he handsome?
Briar 4-1/2 years old - such a sweetie.
and little man Erik 3 years old -- couldn't you just eat him up? 
If you know my dad, you probably see the resemblance. And if you know the both of them, you'd see the personality resemblance too! Funny "little" guys!
I was so happy to actually have a good picture with the 3 of them. I am usually the one behind the camera.
Fish eye family photo 
Stout is now 9-1/2 years old, and still our FIRST baby.
see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!
They really are the BEST kids ever.