Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nik's Game Day at Mariucci Arena

Nikolai's Mite 3 Team had the chance to skate down at Mariucci Arena! 
It was such a fun time and it's such a big deal to these kids to skate on the same 
ice as the U of M college players. 

Here is his team before they took the ice!

We've noticed a huge "stride" in Nikolai's confidence on (and off) the ice this 
year. He has worked SO very hard! It's such a proud moment in a my life when 
my kids love something so much, and put their all into it. He probably won't be 
playing in the NHL... but all we ask of him to be out there having fun, respecting 
his teammates, making new friends and respecting & listening to his coaches. 
That is how he will LEARN and SUCCEED!

(this photo was taken by Brian, I was so glad since I hardly ever get any with 
my kids... I am usually behind the lens, not in front)

Just thought I would share  :) Paula

Thursday, January 22, 2009

more of the Fritzke's

these are some seriously great kids!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

haven't blogged in while

I am long past due for a blog.... so here is the beautiful Fritzke family!
I had a blast with these guys and could have been there all day... chatting, drinking coffee and oh -- taking pictures!

little Miss May, what a doll!

more to come of the other 2 beautiful children

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 is underway

I thank all of you that allowed me to spend some time with you and your families in 2008. I am excited for the New Year and about the changes and ideas I have for my business. 

The holidays are behind us, but let's not forget about some great holidays coming up (Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day to name a few) what better time and reasons to capture your little ones. Don't hesitate to book early with me, days are already starting to fill.

I look forward to seeing some old faces, and meeting some new faces in 2009!

smile ;)

Strand family

Paul and Linda had their family together for the holidays.... they were just looking for some photos of them being together, since some of them live far away. As I left our session, I was really nervous about what I got. The day we had our session it was a pretty bad snow storm, I wasn't only nervous to drive up to do this session I was nervous about the amount of light (or lack there-of) we'd have, and it wasn't great... I did have my lights with so that helped, and I think we were able to capture what they were looking for -- and that is the family just BEING together.

thank you for spending time with me and capturing your FAMILY. I hope you see you guys real soon!


this post is a bit delayed.... the photo session was in mid-December, but just getting them into blog format now. we saw these cute little girls last year when they were about 2 months, now look at them -- they're ONE!