Tuesday, July 7, 2009

another set of Charchenko's

This is my BIL & SIL and my niece and nephews! We had a session last week, they wanted to capture some memories at their home, since it will soon be going on the market. 

We all know how special these homes become -- even though we are so happy to move on, it's hard to leave so many memories like walking a new baby through the front door for the first time, or watching your first child ride down the sidewalk after taking off the training wheels. 

So we took a few inside... Alex & Anna are 6 year old TWINS!

Anna - such natural beauty.

Sammy was a hard subject... he didn't want to crack a smile for me (I think he thought it was weird that Auntie Paula was following him around behind a camera) He's so cute all the same, and eventually I got some grins,

Alex, such a charmer ;)

Shelly wanted to capture them in their rooms too...

Then we headed outside!

Can't forget mom and dad...


kmjenne said...

Love it!!

Geri said...

you do such a great job! love the pic of the little lady jumping on the bed!

shelleyanderson said...

love the pics of the kids in their rooms:) priceless!