Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BIG NEWS for 2009

I am part of this GREAT little photo group that gets together every once in a while 

and we've sorta named ourselves The Snappers (hee hee hee, for a few obvious reasons).

Sometimes we scope out locations around the cities for upcoming shoots, but mostly we 

just like to hang out and bounce ideas off of each other and talk photography! It's so much 

fun to be with such creative spirited ladies who share similar interests!

So some BIG News for 2009

drum roll please..........................the Snappers are going Co-op! 

Some of our group are going in and sharing a studio space together. This was a big decision, 

since I told myself (& Brian) that I wouldn't even consider moving out of my basement studio 

until, at least, our youngest was in school -- but this was just too great of an opportunity to 

turn down. We are still in the negotiating stages and getting everything nailed out, but when 

we do I will post more info here.

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