Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nik's Game Day at Mariucci Arena

Nikolai's Mite 3 Team had the chance to skate down at Mariucci Arena! 
It was such a fun time and it's such a big deal to these kids to skate on the same 
ice as the U of M college players. 

Here is his team before they took the ice!

We've noticed a huge "stride" in Nikolai's confidence on (and off) the ice this 
year. He has worked SO very hard! It's such a proud moment in a my life when 
my kids love something so much, and put their all into it. He probably won't be 
playing in the NHL... but all we ask of him to be out there having fun, respecting 
his teammates, making new friends and respecting & listening to his coaches. 
That is how he will LEARN and SUCCEED!

(this photo was taken by Brian, I was so glad since I hardly ever get any with 
my kids... I am usually behind the lens, not in front)

Just thought I would share  :) Paula

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mkb said...

What a big boy! I miss you all & love your blog :) -kb