Friday, July 18, 2008

a FUN day with Ama

We had a great day with Ama! Here are a few pictures we took this morning before we left (courtesy of Brian, not too bad for a rookie)

First we went to the Old Log Theater to see Charlotte's Web, it was super cute and Briar really loved it. She didn't want to meet the characters after the show, and just wasn't too sure of them (a little afraid). If you all know her BOLD personality, you would never think that "characters" would scare her... but they do. She squeezed my hand, just politely said hello and them whispered to Ama that she just wanted to get lunch. So we headed to Bay Side and sat on the deck, she fed the ducks and fish we had a nice lunch. Then she somehow convinced Ama to get some ice cream too (can you say spoiled, I mean special little girl?) we went over to the trolly and had a cone, some of us had it all over our shirt, right mom?

I always say that I wish I had more pictures of me with the kids, I am so glad to have these with my little princess.

I can't get over how old she is getting and SO DARN SWEET!


Robin said...

adorable! And can I just say you are looking HOT????!!!! dang! Love your outfits!

christina marie said...

great pictures! maybe Brian can start being our assistant?! :)looks like you girls had a great day!