Monday, October 5, 2009

emily = gorgeous

well, looks just must run in the family - ha ha ;) Just kidding!

But really, this is my 2nd cousin Jack's daughter (so I am not sure what that makes her to me) but she's still family and we had the best time doing her senior photos. Emily, her sister, Hannah and her mom, Joelle, made the trip up from Sioux Falls, SD this past weekend. Makes me feel so good that they made the drive to actually have ME take her senior photos. (plus I learned a lot about teenage girls and what I have to look forward to).

Thanks for coming girls (and for Big Bowl - yummy!) Joelle and Jack, you guys should be so proud of your girls!

2 comments: said...

great job paula!! love the one w/her laying on her stomach & also the close up last one! CM :)

Robin said...

love these Paula! Great shoot!!