Monday, August 31, 2009

extended family

ok -- I have to admit.... I was so nervous to do this shoot.
Nervous to find the right location (they wanted to be on a dock).
Nervous about the light/sun and how it was in relation to this particular dock.
Nervous that there were 12 people (6 kids and 6 adults).
Just plain nervous :)

but, all in all I think it went AWESOME!
all SIX kids were super pleasant and listened so well.

I only had to swap 3 heads/faces! That's pretty awesome considering the amount of subjects.

since the sun was still pretty high in the sky and bright on the dock when we first got there, we decided to find some shade and do some individual kid and family shots as well. Seriously, everyone in this family is JUST BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks to all of you -- I hope to work with you guys again in the future.
xo Paula

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Robin said...

wow Paula! You knocked it out of the park! Seriously!! This is my new fav session of yours! You rocked it! Great looking family like you said - super super job!

I'm referring all my large groups to YOU!