Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Briar's 5th birhthday

well, these photos are 5 months past due (most my digi scrap booking is 2 years past due). but since I am now planning Nikolai's 8TH birthday party it made me think to revisit these and get them posted (at least the mom's can see what dolls their girls were!) 

we had a SPA party, complete with updo's and manicures. it truly was so fun, all the girls were so great, and it is something Briar will NEVER forget.

they look ready from prom.... scary, it will be here in a flash.

this was Briar's 1st "friend party." our rule in the family is they have to wait til their 5th birthday to have a "friend party." it was a very special day and a very special year cuz it was also her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! 

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