Monday, April 20, 2009

something a little different

haven't posted in a while because I've been working on a different little (big) photography project the past couple weeks. 

This is Gudrun...

...she is a VERY talented fabric and quilt designer (see more of her stuff here)

Nikolai's teacher referred her to me, I've been helping her with some product shots and ideas to design a cover for her NEW book she is publishing. It was a good fit since I could utilize my graphic design and photography to help her out.

so a couple days we headed to the studio for some fun shots of her designs. They are SUPER COOL and not what I pictured when I heard "quilting." 

then a couple days we shot photos at her house and he neighbors houses.

this little guy was SO GOOD, and SO CUTE.

I also shot flat shots of all her designs (about 20 of them)

so for all you quilters out there, check Gudrun's stuff out, I am truly amazed.

this was something a little different than the average day, and actually was a nice "break" for me. but now I am anxious to get to editing my photo sessions that have been on hold (you know who you are ~ sorry for the delay).

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Robin said...

very cool Paula! You did a GREAT job!