Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the Maher's

I haven't posted in awhile... there is just a lot going on here in the Charchenko household. 

We're in the studio -- and I LOVE IT! This family was my first session there, and it went well (could be because Tracee is a good friend from High School, so I could be a little more at ease). She & Rich have 2 of the cutest, most well behaved little girls.

Tracee wanted some photos of Macy, she is getting "up there" in years. As a fellow dog lover, I totally understand wanting memories of these little creatures, they really become important fixtures to a family.

Thanks for coming and letting me capture photos of your family... I look forward to some 1 year old shots very soon!


chrissiemarie@chrissiemariephotography.com said...

great shots!! very adorable little girls!

margie said...

LOVE the whole family with the dog. So sweet. These are beautiful, Paula. The babe and the pink tutu are gorgeous.